What’s Worth Fighting For?

About a week ago, I had the opportunity to be interviewed by Parenting Magazine.  They put a random call out for parents who choose their battles with their kids.  I responded immediately because I live almost every waking second of my parenting life choosing my battles with my children. My girls are amazing kids, but very strong-willed and strong-spirited, and strong in every opinion that comes across their amazing little minds.

Before the interview I made a random list of things I do choose to fight and what's just not worth the energy.

Things Worth Fighting Not Worth it
Good Character Clothes
Tween Television Weird Cartoons
Laziness Hairstyle
Cruelty Room Decor
Unkind Words Good Arguments

Believe it or not, the two things we spent the most time talking about were the clothes/hair issue and the TV watching issue.  The lady doing the interview asked a good question about the clothes/hair thing: Don't you think that is something worth fighting for, since your girls represent who you are?  I told her that on a daily basis I let them choose their own clothes and do their own hair (as long as they look neat and somewhat put together).  However, for special occasions, they know I get to pick everything.  Here is an example of how they would look on their own:

photo (1) photo

And When Mommy Gets to Pick:

Wegners with MayorRea 1 11909

FYI Belle is wearing gym shoes because she has to wear braces on her feet.  I know you were wondering about that.

Some things are worth fighting.  Some aren't. What is worth it to you?  What's not?