Christmas Is NOW!

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The Countdown has begun.  Every single day for the past few weeks, Isabelle has asked me, “How many days until Christmas?”  It’s a fair question.  Christmas is exciting.  Belle’s Birthday is just a few days after Christmas, so she has double the reason to be excited.

One of the things Rob and I are continually trying to teach the girls is to live in the moment.  The fun isn’t an hour from now, a day from now, or a month from now.  The fun is NOW…whatever we are doing and wherever we are.  Have they “gotten” it yet?  Nope.  They suffer from “are we there yet?” syndrome just like any kid.

My thought yesterday as I was getting dinner ready and listening to Bing Crosby and Perry Como sing Jingle Bells and the snow started falling outside was, “Christmas is NOW.”  The joy of the season is the celebration of Christmas.

So often, we get into the countdown mentality that we focus on the big day and forget the rest of the days building up to Christmas.  Those days count just as much, and are filled with moments of joy that will be remembered for years to come.  Christmas day will be filled with mistakes and blunders, tempers and selfishness, greed and sadness—along with all the other good Christmas-ey feelings of yuletide cheer (whatever that is)

My point is—Don’t let this moment pass you up by focusing on the one day that will come and go so quickly.  Christmas is NOW.  Celebrate, and take it all in.  Enjoy this day to it’s full potential.  I think it will make the actual day of Christmas even more special,  because you have been living in the spirit of yuletide cheer for weeks!

Family Advent Night #2-Spend Less

We have spent the last week at Christmas programs, buying gifts, practicing, dressing the girls up in dresses ,  tights, with dress shoes, curling their hair despite their protests to all of the above, while trying to maintain a healthy, balanced life in the middle of it all.  (I think I ate a candy bar for dinner 2 nights last week).

It was great to take an hour out last night to read the Christmas story with the girls (the Jesus one, not the Ralphie one).  Maddie was the narrarator, Belle was Joseph, and Whitney was Mary.  Bitty Baby was the Baby Jesus, and he ended up falling out of Mary's hands onto the ground, but I am sure that didn't happen in real life. 

Rob put a present in the Manger (a box we got from Aldi) instead of the baby Jesus.  The girls were confused at first, but then realized what he was trying to say:  Sometimes people think more about presents at Christmas than they do about Jesus. 

We have all enjoyed this season of getting ready for Christmas.  It truly has been a meaningful experience for us.  It has been especially fun watching the big girls help Isabelle learn what they know about Jesus.

So the point is….buy me a present, just don't spend as much as you normally would.  haha.  🙂

An Early Christmas

zune The Fed-Ex guy came to my house today.  I looked at the package and it had my name on it. I was sure I had won a contest I didn't remember entering so I opened it as quickly as I could.   Much to my amazement I found a wonderful pink Zune.  This was not a prize.  I deducted with my incredibly polished logic skills that it was my Christmas present from Rob! oops.  He's a great husband.  Now I don't have to wait like everyone else to to get my present!  Wahoo!