The Pain with the Complain

screamer Complaints are one of the only things that bother me on a daily, almost hourly basis. Maybe it’s my lack of maturity on how to handle other people’s complaints, but they literally sit on my chest and weigh me down. Yesterday and today, I scrolled down my Facebook and Twitter walls, and discovered that literally 50-60% of everyone’s updates were complaints. 

  • It’s cold out
  • It snowed
  • I didn’t get Starbucks today
  • My husband doesn’t pay attention to me
  • My kids are driving me nuts

I totally get that people use social media just to be social, and these sorts of statements don’t reflect one’s theological beliefs about God and that he doesn’t provide everything we need and want– but truly, that is how it sounds when the same people complain day after day after day.

Am I being preachy? I guess so. But, play a little game with me the next time you hear someone complaining, (because I know YOU never would) 🙂

Ask that person to:

  • Walk to their refrigerator or pantry and check if there is food to eat there
  • Turn on their faucet to see if water comes out
  • Check their closet for boots, coats, hats, sweaters, and mittens
  • Walk to a light switch and turn it on and off.
  • Next, have them walk to the heat duct and feel the warm air blowing on their face.

If they don’t get the point yet, ask them if:

  • They can read
  • They have a computer
  • They went to school past 8th grade.

So if you really don’t have any friends that complain, maybe scroll through your last 10 Facebook or Twitter updates and calculate your complaint percentage.  I’m going to do it too.

The bar is pretty high in the Bible. Here’s what God says about it:

“Do everything without grumbling or arguing,  so that you may become blameless and pure, “children of God without fault in a warped and crooked generation.”Philippians 2:14-15


“Rejoice in the Lord ALWAYS. I will say it again, REJOICE!” Philippians 4:4

What Brings Out the Crazy-Eyed Mommy in Me More than Anything?

Kalevai House I have nothing to wear!

I have nothing to do!

My room is ugly and boring!

We have no snacks!

There is nothing that brings out the crazy-eyed Mommy in me more than statements like this.  My poor children are ruined forever because of dragging them all the way around the world to India, to homes made of thatch and garbage. All they have to do is complain, and they know what they are going to hear back from me.

Complaining is poison to my ears.  I know I let complaints slip from my lips occasionally…ok, more than occasionally, but I only complain about really important things, like running out of Oreos. (ha)

We’ve been dealing with this issue pretty seriously at our house.  Complaining at our house is a serious offense.  Why?  Because we have everything we need.  We want for nothing.  Our stomachs are full and our house is warm.  We have indoor plumbing and  hot water.  We have a full refrigerator and a stove to make food with.  We have bonus stuff like TV’s and computers.  We have toys and dolls and make-up.  We have nothing on our want list that we truly need.

What do you do when you hear people around you complaining? I’d love your creative insights.  I am sure they would be better than what I want to do when I hear my kids complaining– like tossing them out in the snow with  no shoes.