Twittering the Event


Pastor Mark took this photo of me and Rob at the Center For the Homeless Dancing with the Stars Auction the other night.

We had an interesting conversation about Twittering in church, Twittering in general, and what that means.  Mark asked a great question: Is it about community or connecting?

I haven't made up my mind yet.  What I do know is that I have made some good friends through Twitter and Facebook that I otherwise would not know.  Being in a large church, there are many people who I did not know, and vice-versa, they did not know me.  Now when I see them in the halls at church I can smile, say Hi, and start up a general conversation with them.

There are also people on Twitter and Facebook that turn me into a raving lunatic because they say and do really dumb things for attention. 

What do you think  it's all about?  How does it help you?  Does it turn you into a raving lunatic? 

Just curious.