While I Travel…


Miss Isabelle has been my “random generator” for choosing numbers.  Congrats to Dan Clark!



I’ll be sending you the info on how to redeem your prize soon!

Laptop Messenger Bag I mentioned yesterday that I am in Mexico right now. Travelling through airports is fun and exciting. Travelling through airports in India is always an adventure.  Add three children to the mix, and there is bound to be a story to tell at the end of the day.  One of my least favorite memories is an airport security person x-raying Belle’s backpack full of toys and trinkets, pulling it aside, and dumping about 300 Polly Pocket shoes, purses, arms, legs, and sparkly dresses out in front of me, and giving me about 20 seconds to re-pack it all in her bag.  Not a very nice thing to do.

On this last trip, an airport security person decided she was going to check inside of all our carry on bags.  When travelling internationally, one quickly learns that there is no possible way to have a laptop messenger bag, back pack, toiletry bag, bag for clothes, etc.  Everything gets crammed into one bag and that’s the way it is.  Well, this wonderful security agent told us repeatedly, “This is not a laptop bag!  You can not carry your computer in a back pack.  I will not let you through with this bag.””


We just stared at her, wondering what in the world she wanted us to do.  She was apparently very passionate about it, and declared that it was against airline regulations to allow passengers on a plane without a proper laptop bag.

It was crazy. I think Gene played some sort of mind trick on her, because after about 15 minutes of discussion, she allowed us to pass through security with our horribly packed laptops.

Travelling is an adventure!  Always a story to tell, that’s for sure.

I’ve got great news friends! I have another way I’d like to give back to you, my dear friends and readers this week.  CSN Stores has offered a $35 gift card for me to give away to one of you delightful readers.

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