A Dirty White Truck

Anyone with a child that has anything other than normal health knows what it feels like to carry the worry that comes with the unknown.  Since I was pregnant with Isabelle, there have been subtle signs here and there that all was not well. 

I am glad that we had those signs when I was pregnant with her so God would have a chance to teach me important things about worry before I had an actual baby with other than normal needs to take care of.

I'll never forget driving down the toll road by myself praying and surrendering Isabelle to God.  I was able to give all my worries to God and trust that whatever happened it would be for His glory. Almost as the words came out of my mouth, a truck pulled in front of me with the words "To God Be the Glory" written in the dirt on the back  of it.  What an awesome confirmation of what I already knew to be true.

Belle is an awesome kid.  She's high energy, lots of fun, and just plain adorable.  She's had lots of sprains and falls in the past year, more than a normal kid.  We had a hip x-ray done and it appeared one of her hips had some widening and fluid on it.  We took her to Children's Memorial in Chicago today to have them take a peek at her.  They x-rayed her hips.  Guess what?  No widening.  No fluid.  I'll let you draw the conclusion you want to from that, but I have a feeling it has something to do with God getting all the glory.

Belle does have low tone and muscle issues we need to work on.  That's no biggie.  Therapy and maybe braces for her feet again.  We can do that. 

God is awesome.  Just awesome. 

Belle did great today.  She had to jump around on one foot and do all kinds of funny stuff for the Doctor's that were looking at her.  She loved being the center of attention and showing off. 

God is getting the glory, just like he said he would.