Photos with brittani in chicago


One of the amazing things we got to do a few weeks ago on our Spring Break mini-vacation to Chicago was a family photo shoot with the ever-fabulous BrittaniRenee. She is a wonderful family friend, and I have to say, this was the most fun photo shoot we have ever done as a family.  The girls were cooperative (littlest is a huge ham, but normally detests standing still for photos).  They really did great.  It was freezing in the shade, but we made them take their coats off to show off our matching gray sweaters with colorful t-shirts underneath.  They were so funny–jumping up and down, huffing and puffing to keep warm.  We were lucky enough to stumble past the Hershey’s store on Michigan Ave. to get some much needed hot cocoa.

The photos you see are just sneak previews of a bunch of really neat ones to come.  I can’t decide on a favorite, although the one above may be inching up toward the top of my list. It was taken at the Fourth Presbyterian church directly across from Water Tower Place. I used to go sit in that courtyard and pray when I lived in the city. It was a quiet place, one of the only quiet places I could find, and I loved it.  I did a whole lot of thinking and writing there, so it was pretty special to take our family there to get some pictures!

If you need a photographer, Brittani is amazing. For real!

StreetFam2 This is one of the last pics we took that day. I had to hold Belle because she wouldn’t quit pinching Maddie.  Shhh…don’t tell her I told you so.