Leadership Summit 2010

This is the 18th Leadership Summit put on the Willow Creek Association that Rob and I have attended.  Every year, I feel this conference gives us a “Bump” in our leadership gifts and abilities.  I am so looking forward to learning and growing in the next few days.  Tune in and check back to see if you can find anything helpful about leadership over the next 2 days. I’ll try to do a good job taking notes!

Bill Hybels

Leaders are people who bring people from one place to another.

“I would cast red-hot vision from the stage about where we are going…the  best vision casting I could do, and 24 hours later I would always get emails from people saying , “Bill, what you said was nice, but we like it here.”

What do you do when people like it “here”?  I tend to move forward and re-sell the vision with even more passion.  24 hours later, I would get emails reiterating they were happy with “here”.

I went from that, first play to casting vision how awful “here” is, and how awful it would be to stay.

Hundreds of times  before his “I Have A Dream” speech, MLK spoke about why we can NOT stay here.  Then, one day, he turned a corner, and gave his “I Have A Dream” speech.

Your job is not to prove to everyone how smart you are, what a great leader you are, etc.  Your job is to convince people that we can not stay here because of the injustice that surrounds us. 

When you invite someone onto your leadership team, there are 4 C’s to remember:

Character-What is their character? 

Competence-Can they handle their job?

Chemistry-Does their personality mesh with others on your team?v

Culture-Will they fit into our culture, or will they be better used in a different environment?

Picture if that individual resigns from your team, would you:

1) be happy

2)be sad

3) go in the hallway and vomit

Are their some sensitive conversations that you have to have with fantastic people?

If you need to move people from here to there, where are people most uncomfortable?  They get tired at about the middle third.

We need to refill people’s leadership bucket.  People’s leadership buckets leak…a lot. 

You need to celebrate every mile marker you possibly can along the way.  What keeps people on the journey is some sense of hope that they will indeed get there some day.

There is a 40% differential in productivity between an inspired team mate and one who is not.  Inspiration matters.

People who hear from God accomplish a lot.

John 10:27  My sheep hear my voice and they heed it.  Every leader ought to be

an incurable reader of the Bible.

God speaks to us directly by his spirit. We need to learn his voice and listen to it.  Do you pay attention to those promptings?  Do you believe that God still speaks today?  To the core of my being I believe this.

If leaders all over the world would begin to listen to God’s voice and do what He says, imagine how the world could be a different place.

Bill heard God say to him, “You are treasured by the Most High God…don’t quit.” And he saved his ministry.

When have you heard God speak to you?

Do you think He speaks?

Will you do whatever it takes to listen to his voice and heed it?

Which of these statements would God say to you?  Pay attention.

Don’t quit. step up. take the risk. you’ve been too safe. apologize now. make the tough decision. today is the day.get help.stop running from God.slow down. show your heart.let others lead.feed your soul. bless the team. make the ask.do something more impactful.come clean.embody the vision.celebrate the victories. speak the truth. count your blessings.end the secret. check your motives.set the pace.get physically fit. serve your family. pray. humble yourself.

A Leadership Case Study: Jessica Jackley and the Kiva Story

Kiva Kiva gives small loans to men and women in third world countries so they can begin their own microenterprises.  They are given a small amount of money, and pay back their loans from the money they make in their business’

Jesus said, “What you do for the least of these, you have done it unto me.”

The poorest of the poor have no resources to use as collateral for getting loans from banks.

A small infusion of collateral into these lives has an enormous return.

Anyone with a credit card and an internet connection can browse the profiles of entrepreneurs from third world countries, and lend them $25 or more.

This amount of money changes the lives of these people.

The re-payment from the entrepreneurs is 98.5%


And this money changes their lives, lifting these people out of poverty.

Manage Differently Now

Manage Differently Now Gary Hamel Change is happening at an exponential rate. The world is becoming more turbulent while we are becoming more resistant. It's not working. If we remain resistant, while the rest of the world is turbulently changing, we are a sinking ship. How do u defeat entrapy? It is a working organization until it is not. Dismiss Rationalize Mitigate Confront Until I change nothing else happens. *Cultivate an unflinching honesty. Treat every belief about how we do church as a hypothesis. Make sure you listen to the renegades and the dissidents Do we ignore those who disagree w/us. Nope. *Generate more strategic options. We clutch to the familiar because it's worked before What hasn't changed in 3 or 4 years? Why not? Because it's too easy not to change, or because it works? Think radical. Think different. Everything else is changing. Our methods can not stay the same Jesus and His Message never changes, but our methods need to What is the test of our commitment? What does o It take to see redemption happen? The mental models depreciate while the world is changing. They hold their ideals hostage and are resistant to change. The Gortex Strategy: Innovation all of the time. Fight beuracracy none of the time. I love this! The web is the most anti- beuratic place ever invented. The Facebook generation doesn't want to work for a fortune 500 company. They don't want yo go to a church that looks like it either. The early church was Communal, organic, spiritually powerful, while organizationally weak. This is what we need to be. Jesus is the hope for Humanity. We are His hope to reach them.

Hirings, Firings, and Board Meetings

Hirings, Firings, and Board Meetings Building trust is difficult when members see eachother infrequently only at meetings We mystify boards. We need to understand that they are simply people working with other people, and need to learn how to get along. Board limits should have a limit. A plurality of Godly people will lead better than 1 leader ever could. FIRINGS Leaders have to make tough choices sometimes, especially in these tough times. Let the person know what is not working. Don't ever allow their firing be a surprise. You have the ability to destroy someones self esteem by firing them. 1. Verbal warning– let them know what's not working. 2. Written Warning 3. Firing.

How Much Longer?

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 Bill Hybels

I am not sure if we are going to ever experience “the old normal” ever again.  The “normal” we all knew and loved has left the building.  We are all leading in a new beginning. 

These are challenging times, but that’s the Romans 12 gift that God has given to so many leaders.  Rough patches force courage and creativity.  These are the conditions that create our deepest creativity.  It’s part of what draws something out of us that calm seas never will.

Philosophical:  October 2008 hundreds of people at Willow Creek lost their jobs.  They were in a rouge wave situation.  They needed to act quickly and decisively.  He challenged his believers to live in the Acts 2 way.  Let’s be the CHURCH.  This was not a romanticized decision.  It was a Biblical, philosophical decision.

Every service is packed with ministry between services because people are broken and they need help.  This is a new priority.  People are hurting more than they have in a long time.  They feel their need for Jesus more than ever.

Letting staff go is an opportunity for the Church to be the Church.  Let it all be done with love and understanding.

During an economic downturn, people are hungry to learn financial management.

Guess what?  God provides.  Expect miracles.  Don’t lose heart.  People will still be generous.  They want to help.

Habakuk 3:2 

Expect God to do great things IN OUR DAY.  God uses His people to do his great work.  He uses those whose hearts are fully His.  God is looking for those who are full-on for Him.

These are the people who God will tap on the shoulder and say, “Come with me, and we will do something great together.”