Dancing With The Stars

Dan and Lisa, Dancing With The Stars

On April 23rd,  our very good friends Dan and Lisa are Dancing with the Stars at the South Bend Center For the Homeless Auction.  The folks at GCC are contributing a lot of heart and muscle to this great event, which funds a big portion of the Center’s budget.

So, as Dan describes it…

As you may remember, DC was ‘the man’ a couple years ago , as well as Maribeth Roncz last year.  With a great deal of arm twisting by Rob, (he had me in a death grip) we agreed to give this thing a shot.  Lisa and I are currently working hard to prepare a dance routine that will hopefully do GCC proud.”

The Center for the Homeless began 20 years ago, when a local hotel that more than 100 impoverished citizens called home burned to the ground in the middle of winter. Our community came together in an incredible way. Within one week, 17 busloads of resources and hundreds of willing volunteers were available to help.   Today, the Center has served more than 44,000 men, women and children, not only by providing them with a meal and a warm bed for the night, but also by linking them up with the nationally recognized programs that help them break the cycle of homelessness.

GCC has forged a transformational partnership with the Center, mobilizing hundreds of people annually on mission to serve the homeless. Currently, we’ve joined hands with CFH in the construction of new addition to the center exclusively for homeless vets. Nearly one-third of all homeless Americans served in the armed forces at one time. In the South Bend area, estimates are even higher. Currently, there are over 100 homeless vets in Michiana. We’re going to change those stats. This year’s event is going to help make that happen.

Dan and Lisa are among the featured dancers this year.  If you seen them as the Culps, you know this two can bust a move.

Would you consider casting a vote for Dan and Lisa? 

Each vote costs $37.  Why $37?  $37 pays for the care and training of one guest at the Center for one day.

It’s $37.  One meal out.  One stop at the movie theater.   Dan and Lisa are out there representing GCC.  Let’s stand with them and let the whole community know that God’s people care for the homeless.  (BTW, it’s also tax-deductible.)

Many of the guests at the Center are FAMILIES.  Not “bums” who "deserve it."  You would be amazed at the stories we hear about the people who never imagined it would be them.  They are people like you and me who work hard and care about their families, but have been forced out of their homes due to various circumstances.

The unemployment rates in our area are still some of the highest in the nation.  These people can’t get work.  They need the love, the training and the support they get at the Center.  You can help.

Take a second to vote! Rob and I have put our votes in!

Updated: Dan and Lisa are in LAST place!  Don’t let GCC be put to shame.  Cast your vote now.  Lisa is quite the gourmet chef, and said she would cook a meal for whoever put in the most votes for them.  Rob and I may even put in a few more votes just to get some of Lisa’s cake batter chocolate chip cookies!