Blagojevich was a Wee Little Man

music_noteBlagojevich was a wee little man

a wee little man was he

he climbed up in the sycamore tree

for the Lord he wanted to see

for the Lord he wanted to see

and as the Savior passed that way

He looked up in the tree, and He said,

Blagojevich, You come down!

For I'm going to your house today.

For I'm going to your house today.music_note

We read the Bible story about Zaccheus to the girls tonight.  Remember him?  Tax collector?  Sinner?  Hated by all?

Aren't you secretly glad Jesus singled him out?  I am.  I've been the one hiding in the tree hoping no one else noticed me, have you?

I think Jesus would invite himself to FORMER Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevichs' house for dinner and have a chat with him.

I am so glad Jesus isn't so put off by our badness that he won't talk to us.  I am so glad that Jesus was called "The friend of sinners." 

We should be their friend too.  Don't you think?