Do You Know The Muffin Man? A tale of Muffins and Misogyny

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I love men. I’m married to one. I love my man’s masculinity, his strength-physical and the strength of character. I admire his stoicism in whatever life throws at him. I trust in him, depend on him, and look up to him. He’s my favorite man. For today’s purpose, know I am talking about a way […]

What If?

What if women had a more prominent role in the Church?

Not that women would need to dominate, take over, and turn every woman into a feminist.  Not necessary. 

What if women still respected men as the Leaders, lived Biblically sound lives, but had a chance to speak their minds in a humble and unique way? It doesn’t happen at most churches I have attended.  Most women aren’t jerky and demanding about it.  They’re just quiet.  And passive.  And really quiet.  They talk to each other when they have a chance, but with getting kids from the parking lot to their classes, and then to their seats, then back to their classes, then back to the parking lot and their car, there isn’t much time even for speaking to one another in church.  Their voices simply aren’t heard.

I am amazed that as soon as the topic of women talking in church comes up, many automatically lump the person talking about it as “feminist, domineering, rebellious, etc.”

I love men. My dad is a man.  My brothers are men.  I was raised in a world of men (me and my Mom had to hold our own, and we did just fine).  I married a man.  I love him deeply.  He’s the head of our household just like God told him to be in the Bible.  I completely respect him.  I respect my pastors.

But..what if?

I think women would raise issues that aren’t being raised.  I think the orphan problem might be solved.  I think more broken people might be healed.    I think women have an ability to both think and feel that is helpful for those who just think a lot. (not saying all men are this way, but some are).

I see a trend in the young men I know.  I see them seeking after middle class college professors, authors, and musicians as their only source for Biblical inspiration and interpretation. This isn’t bad, just inbalanced. 

I think women would feel better about themselves knowing God can use women in powerful ways. I know scores of highly educated, intelligent followers of Jesus who feel worthless because there is not a place for them in the Church.

Its funny how when you throw a subject out there, like I did with this one the other day, how others can sometimes state the way you feel better than you can.  I’ll leave you with Cindy’s thoughts, then I’d love to hear yours:

Maybe there was a time when women weren’t the best choice as leaders and teachers. But we have women senators, congressional representatives, judges, college professors and university presidents, CEOs and hopefully someday a woman president. There have been many queens who ruled their countries, even centuries ago, and many presidents and prime ministers in other countries. There are many women heads of household. Women are scientists, doctors, astronauts, engineers, and inventors. Women hold high ranks in the armed forces and die defending our country. And women (mothers and wives) have long been understood to be primary influences in prominent men’s lives. There are many women who will be lost to the Christian message if they believe it can only come from a man’s tongue.  It’s just time for everyone to get over it.