My Mother’s Day Gift To Myself

I made this video today as a Mother’s Day gift to myself–celebrating my babies, my treasures, my jewels. Everyday with them is a gift I am so grateful for.

Captivate Us

I am captivated by the beauty in the world around us. The God who created it all is just right there, smiling back at us if we just take the time to see. Consider this song by Watermark and the photos taken by me a prayer for myself, my family and all who seek to know God.

Whitney the Webkinz Wonder

Check out this spectacular video Whitney made a few weeks ago when she was sick.  She is entering a Webkinz video contest, so if you click on the video, she gets a vote.  Show my precious video making genius 10 year old some Webkinz love!

Guest appearances by: Ellie the Dog, Isabelle, the afro wig,  and a few mutilated Webkinz dolls.