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My Mom made the most amazing discovery the other day it is about 30 seconds long, but brought us unthinkable joy.  My Grandma was a regular on radio programs broadcasted from Moody Radio in Chicago similar to Aunt Theresa’s KYB Club.  My Mom said my Grandma’s radio name was, “Little Dottie Sunshine”.  Is that sweet or what?  You can hear the song, “I’m So Happy” by clicking this link:  I’m So Happy 

Aunt Theresa Record Aunt Theresa Photo

These little snippets from my Grandma’s life are a precious treasure to our family.  We have some photos, patched together memories, and little odds and ends like this that make up a part of who my Grandma was.  Grandma Blom is still with us, but her mind left us a few years ago, way too soon for someone her age.  We’ve got stories to remember her by, and we are thankful for that.

This is a new age in Grand parenting.  I am not sure how many Grandparents read my blog, but if you are one, you need to start a blog, or make videos of yourself telling the wonderful and terrible stories from your childhood.  We want to hear the whole thing.  We want to hear why you are so strong.  What made you resilient.  What made you stubborn.  We want to know these things so we can learn from your greatest victories, and yes, even your greatest failures. 

We learn how to live well from those who have gone before us.  It’s not too late.  Tell your story, no matter how old or young you are.  We all have something to learn.

3 thoughts on “Tell Your Story

  1. gene says:

    I’m a grandparent.. but I feel too young to submit any of my stories from the good old days.. when dirt was young.

  2. Faye Bryant says:

    I’m a grandmother and you are so right, Michelle! Several years ago, I bought “A Mother’s Legacy” and “A Father’s Legacy” to fill out for my sons and then I bought them for my parents to write. (I think I need to remind them to get that done!) I’ve found now they have “A Grandparent’s Legacy” — all these are journals with prompts. Questions about first days in school, first boy/girlfriend, best friends, vacations, holidays… leaving room to expand and tell the stories. Great tools for those who are inclined to say “I don’t know where to begin”
    Gene…as one who has lost some of those stories from the past… write (type) them anyway, the dirt ain’t talking!

  3. Roberta Walker says:

    I’m a long distance grandma and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate modern technology. Scype and two video cameras mean I can see my granddaughter crawl, pull up, and most recently let go and just stand. I can also see her turn her face toward the computer on her end when she hears me say her name. If only I could touch her.

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