Ten of A Ten Thousand Reasons I Love Being A Mom

Me and Maddie

Mother’s Day is a day for us mom’s to get spoiled, pampered and doted on.  Some of you wholeheartedly agree.  Some are skeptical–maybe you rolled your eyes when you read that sentence because you know that’s not really what happens.  Your kids and spouse meant well, but…last year they got you a toaster oven for Mother’s Day and burned your toast while trying it out for the first time.  The peanut butter they used to put on your toast ended up in wet globs on knives and spoons in the sink.  There were dribbles of coffee all the way up your white carpeted steps leading to your bedroom while you nervously waited in bed, trying to put on a happy face for the cherubs donning you with flowers and wet gooey toast.

And I know that some of you Mama’s got nothin. You deserved so much more than nothing.  So, so much more, but your kids slept in, your husband forgot, and nothing really went right. It was actually a really hard day

Maybe your experience was completely and totally Hallmark card commercial worthy. Your bedroom was sunny, lit up with the faces of those you love.  Your perfect kids and perfect spouse brought you a 12 course breakfast in bed, Mother’s day pearls to match the new dress they also bought you…they let you sleep in until 11am, did the dishes, and folded and put away all the laundry for the week.  The rest of us are all happy for you.  Really, we are.

Whether your Mother’s Day last year was a catastrophe or a Hallmark dream, the one important thing for you to celebrate this Mother’s Day is that you are a Mommy–A pretty darn awesome one too.  Being a Mommy to amazing, beautiful kids even on days when they are not acting so amazing or beautiful is one of the biggest honors we get as women. There are plenty of other amazing things about being a woman, but being a Mommy is pretty great.

Regardless of what others do for you or don’t do for you this Mother’s Day, you have the amazing privilege of spending the day reflecting on why you love to be a Mommy.  Don’t let the day pass you up without counting your blessings and knowing you matter.  As I sit and think about it, because some days are more challenging than others, I realize I am so, so blessed by the three amazingly spirited young ladies I get to be the mommy to. Here are just ten of the thousand reasons I love being their Mommy:

  1. Middle of the night diaper changes and feedings. I didn’t love it every time, but it was my quiet time with each of my babies. Holding them tight, rocking them, looking out a dark window at the moon, praying, hoping and dreaming for them…
  2. Sidewalk chalk.  I love spending hours in the summer sunshine with them, drawing, doodling and creating.
  3. Story time.  Sharing some of my favorite childhood story books with them cuddled up to me close with their blankies tight and thumbs in their mouths, and now that they’re older, reading through young adult novels at the same time, amazed at their insight and understanding of character development
  4. Playing Candyland, and winning.  Seriously, watching my girls struggle with winning or losing, helping them do either with dignity and strength.  Pretty awesome.
  5. Waking up early in the morning and seeing their stuff all over the house.  Really. Sometimes I just embrace their mess and am so, so grateful that it’s there.  Their crazy messes and their non-perfect selves.  I love all of it. And then I wake them up and tell them to clean up the mess they left.
  6. I love my kids’ friends; They bring so much joy and liveliness to our home. Watching my girls develop their own little tribes among their friends has been really fun. I love seeing who they choose to hang out with.
  7. Pizza Movie night. Every Friday. No dishes, no fuss, just hanging out on the couch with our family and whoever else shows up. Just to enjoy each other.  Just to be together, even if the movie is brainless and the pizza is cardboard bad.
  8. Adventuring together.  Getting in the car and driving until we find something interesting.  We love walking out on Silver Beach in the middle of winter.  Once Belle’s pink Ugg boot got stuck in the ice and the big sisters had to fish it out of the water. It was such a simple, silly thing, but it is a memory our girls have retold over and over again.
  9. Watching their little lives take twists and turns I didn’t expect.  What they loved as toddlers they don’t love now. What they were terrified as toddlers brings laughter and hilarity now.
  10. Standing back and observing them love one another, stand up for each other and fight for each other instead of with each other. It doesn’t happen often, but to see them stand as a united front is one of the most amazing parts of being a mommy.


It’s not always easy, if ever.  Being a Mommy is the most fabulous and challenging job I’ve ever had. From one Mommy to another, please know that on the hard days and the perfect days, and the mostly ordinary days, you are an amazing Mom.  Celebrate yourself. This Mother’s Day, sit back, enjoy your new toaster oven and count your globby peanut butter blessings.  And when no one is looking, go buy yourself a brand new dress and Mother’s Day pearls to match. You so, so deserve it and more.

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Some of you said…

One of my favorite things about being a mom is how much I learn about myself and my husband is the process. It’s inspiring and sometimes uncomfortable but growth usually is. ~Renee Crabtree

I don’t know where to start. I guess I love that I have the opportunity to watch and help these amazing little girls become even more amazing young women. It is as if I have been gifted with a varied bouquet and each part of it is beautiful and precious in its own right. I love that in their late 20’s they still call me Momma. I love learning how to be an even better mom at each juncture of their lives. I love the hugs, the kisses, the tears, and the laughing. I love that God has trusted me with them for just a little while.

~Julie Herwick

I enjoy watching them make decisions in their lives. Sometimes it’s difficult to watch because I *know* the outcome will be hard for them, but it’s necessary for building character. At other times I get to see their confidence grow with each positive outcome. ~Annette Ernsperger

I love the joy my children give back to me.  Cindy Gray


This article appears in the May 2013 Edition of Michiana Family Magazine

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  1. Dan says:

    Michelle, A good post, I enjoy reading your thoughts. I can not speak to ‘being a mom”, but I remember one of the things my late wife said about being a new mom. “It can be the hardest job you will ever love.” She was a great mom. I wish she had lived long enough to experience more of the joys of being a mom. Dan

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