Thanksgiving Whiplash

My Mom makes the most amazing stuffing in the world.  She should package it and market it and become a millionaire.  Mom’s stuffing is one of the things Rob and I look forward to most every Thanksgiving.  She uses sausage and apples, and I’m not really sure what else, but it is amazing. 

I have three brothers.  They are all married with children.  I think there are 11 cousins total, 10 adults, and a few dogs thrown in the mix.  Needless to say, Thanksgiving at my parents house is a party to end all parties.  Every year we go from the crazy wildness of 21 people in close quarters to a very quiet, formal, sit down dinner with golden utensils and china etched in gold with Rob’s family.  The transition for my kids is very hard to handle.  I call it Thanksgiving whiplash.  The girls have to pull their manners out of some far distant memory that was yesterday, and sit still for a very long time.  Grandma Wegner and Auntie Lisa are amazing cooks and Thanksgiving dinner is a matter of perfection. 

I’m trying to teach my kids that the “party-style” Thanksgiving and the “formal-style” Thanksgiving are both awesome.  We are so fortunate to have an amazing, loving family on both sides.  Each side of the family is different, but we can learn so much from both.  It’s a process, and Thanksgiving days usually end up with someone crying or throwing up.  These are the days to remember.

What does your family gathering look like?  Is it a party?  A formal get together?  A Jerry Springer episode?  I’d love to hear!

5 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Whiplash

  1. Cyndi says:

    Our’s is fairly low key. Of course you never know what my sister and nicki will do. Now that I think about it I may have to do a post on this. I could never explain it without pictures (lol). Funny I use to dream about the “perfect” Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner like you saw in a Rockwell painting but I lost control of that a long time ago. Now we just give thanks for being together and having survived some rocky years.

  2. mandy says:

    We used to trade off going to his parents, then my parents. Both were casual. We only ate at one. Partly because we went there first. Partly because we don’t want to die from ecoli.
    We were ecstatic to move here & start doing our own thing. Kinda stinks to move back. I think I’m gonna stay home & just invite all of them over.
    THAT will be crazy. No one gets along.

  3. Papa says:

    It’s a process, and Thanksgiving days usually end up with someone crying or throwing up. These are the days to remember.
    I love the special times!

  4. Jenny says:

    ours usually are not so much Thanksgiving. We go to one families house for a few days but Christmas is crazy! My husbands mother’s family just has total craziness where everyone is opening gifts and paper is flying. It is fun actually. Then my husband’s dad’s side has six children there are usually 15 or so of us there and it is a very formal candian style dinner. Where you are not sure which piece of silverware to use. ahhh yes…the holidays are interesting!

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