The Arctic Blast

Polar_bears_2  The Weatherman just said there is going to be an Arctic Blast  headed our way.  Seriously.  He really did say that.  He really is a real person, too.  I know that because I saw him in line at CVS the other day.  Guess what he was talking about to the cashier?  THE WEATHER!  How funny is that?  I felt a pang in my heart for his poor wife.  She must have each day’s weather memorized as each person they run into wants their own personal report.  Kind of like being married to a Pastor, only people cry when they see my husband at the mall and Chuckee Cheese.  I had the funniest conversation with my OBGYN about the conversations he finds himself stuck in when he is in public places with his wife or children within ear shot….we have a lot in common, those weatherman and OBGYN wives.  Little did anyone know…

Anyway, I digress…An Arctic Blast is headed our way.  Belle and I did not leave the house the entire day today.  I feel disgusted when I realize I have been breathing the same recycled air all day long.  My poor face has not seen the sun.  My weatherman friend said it will be -26F with the wind chill this weekend.  I am suffocating here!  Deep breaths in and out…there really is warmth and sun somewhere.  It seems like a far off dream…oh yeah.  Last week I was laying by a pool in the real sunshine.  I’ll have that memory to get me through a bit longer.  Hopefully through this weekend at least.

2 thoughts on “The Arctic Blast

  1. Amber Cox says:

    That’s my friend Karen’s dad! hahaha! We used to ask him about the weather everyime we were hanging out at Karen’s house. I love it!

  2. John is my neighbor. I don’t remember once talking to him about the weather. It just seems a bit too cliche to me.

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