The Beauty of God

I’m throwing a question out there.  I am working on a project about the Beauty of God in Creation.  Where do you see God in Creation?  Every answer is a right answer.  I need your input!  Answer away!

6 thoughts on “The Beauty of God

  1. Sunsets! Sunsets are the one beautiful thing in God’s creation that even we in Indiana get to experience. We don’t have mountains or oceans but a gorgeous sunset is one of those rare beautiful things we still get to see from time to time.

  2. Oh, I definitely see God when I look at my children. I see them and I can’t believe that they are mine (sometimes in a good way & sometimes in a bad way), but in all seriousness, the fact that they are a part of myself & my husband just is mind-blowing to me!

  3. I see God in a sunny cloudy day. You know those really big clouds that look so close you could reach out and touch them.

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