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The past few years have been an interesting ride, spiritually speaking.  Travelling to places like India to see how Christians around the world live out their faith, then coming back to the United States to hear the noise, noise, noise of our gospel has taught me a lot.  We American Christians are really, really loud. Our music is loud.  We wear Christian t-shirts.  We bumper-sticker our cars.  We shout about our faith to those that believe differently.  We preach against each-other.  We preach wealth and prosperity.  We preach about how God will help us when we are down.

I’ve found myself being repulsed by so much of modern evangelicalism while slowly stepping away– Not from the core of my faith–Not from my church,  but away from the noise.  The bumper stickers.  The loud concerts.  The hype.  The hair slicked back preacher talk.

While I step back, and try to gain some sort of perspective, I am immediately surrounded by those voices I hear lifting their praise up to the One True God.  I hear them laying down their chains, lifting up the cross.  I see them entering the waters of baptism and leaving the life they once knew behind.  I see them living with reckless abandon, ready to begin a new life with their Savior.


The farther I step back from the noise, the more I am connected with the core of who I am.  The ancient words of the saints fill my ears and give me comfort and hope.  I find myself reading about and admiring those who have gone before and lived their faith in a wild and reckless way.  I see them clinging to the one Hope they have, and sacrificing all else for Him.

That’s the kind of faith I want to have.  That’s the inside scoop.


photo by Gene Ort

2 thoughts on “The Inside Scoop

  1. SJBice says:

    I agree, have been feeling this way myself. Also about my life in general, trying to cut out some of the “noise”. And I like the new blog header & layout. Simple & pretty.

  2. I definitely agree that things are noisy here. Christianity is definitely not about the tee-shirts, bumper stickers, etc. When I was in India it seemed like people showed their hearts more through their joy and eagerness to help others. I wish it were more that way here and not so much about all the other stuff.

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