The Jesus Star

My favorite Christmas memory is sitting alone in the dimness my Grandmas impeccable living room, adult voices from the kitchen filling the safety of the shadows. The only light on my five year old face was the blue of the nativity set single lightbulb.

I sat for hours on end just staring, arranging, rearranging the Baby Jesus and friends, wondering about that Little Lord Jesus asleep on the hay.

After Christmas at Grandmas, my brothers and I loaded in the back of the station wagon, me in the coveted rear facing back seat. Looking up at the frosty moon, I saw it. I knew I saw a twinkle of the Jesus star, the brightest one in the sky. I shouted “There it is! The Jesus Star!” hoping everyone else in our rumbling station wagon saw it too.

Apparently , I was the only one with eyes to see, or so I thought.

I held the warmth of the Jesus Star in my little heart and it’s been there ever since. Jesus’ Christmas present to me.

What’s your warmest Christmas memory? I’d sincerely love to hear.

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  1. rwwegner says:

    Asking you to marry me. I love you.

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