The Latest Shoe Rage in Japan

red boots

I found out not too long ago that I have rheumatoid arthritis.  It is the worst in my feet and toes.  I’m thinking I won’t be buying any of these shoes any time soon.  So much for being fashionable.  I’ll stick to my Crocs and Adidas for now!  smile_teeth

These are my favorite…What are people thinking?

3 thoughts on “The Latest Shoe Rage in Japan

  1. Kathy Friend says:

    OK, I have to comment on this! I will admit some of the things I am seeing on the trend-front are a little like a throw back to the 80’s – these shoes take the cake! And I am a shoe addict (specifically 3″-heel-addict!). Some of these look like ballerina-toe-shoes more than go-to-the-grocery-store shoes!

  2. Shelley says:

    Hey, I can SO RELATE… I’ve been battling similiar RA stuff for the past year and I feel the best in MBTs. Gone are my days are being trendy. What do the girls do over there in Japan who have joint pain?? I have a theory on that one… I cut wheat and gluten out of my diet and feel much better. Maybe they eat so much rice they have a less rheumatoid problems???!!! That’s a whole other google search in itself. Great post! I’m glad I found it!

  3. audrey brown says:

    these shoes are soo cool well since i am 17 i love theme

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