The Moon Shines Down

This is the second in the series of books I am reviewing for Thomas Nelson Publishers.  The Moon Shines Down is a brilliantly written, beautifully illustrated book for children.  Rob and I are always searching for books and visual images about other people groups and cultures to get in front of our girls.  The cartoon Koala in this story talks about the moon and how it shines down on him, but also on a Dutch boy, Swiss children, Children from the Far East, Mexico, Etc.  Each colorful page depicts a scene from that country and what life might be like for a child to live there.  For us, books like this help us explain to our children that not everywhere is like here.  

Margaret Wise Brown is the author of several well known children’s books including Goodnight Moon and The Runaway Bunny.  The Moon Shines Down has never before been published.  The manuscript, old and worn, and incomplete was found much after Margaret Wise Brown passed away in 1952. Additional verses have been added by Laura Minchew to complete Margaret’s thoughts and ideas.

The brilliant illustrations are eye-catching and attention grabbing even for our very busy 4 year old who usually doesn’t have any time to sit and listen to a story.

I am keeping this book for my family, and will buy it as gifts for children and families in the future. It would make an awesome Christmas present! You can buy it here if you’re interested.

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