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My mom and Auntie Gwen have raised dogs since before I was born.  We have had Akitas, Shelties, Pugs, and the latest has been Golden Retrievers.  I grew up with as many as 15 dogs (mostly puppies on their ways to new homes) at my house.  I loved it!  Always someone to cuddle and hug.

My Auntie Gwen sent me an email yesterday saying that this precious puppy needs a new home, and she would be willing to give her to us FREE!  She has a heart murmur, and a cleft pallet, so she is un-breedable, and she would not be able to sell it due to liability reasons.  If we did not take her, she might have to be put down…

Are you kidding me?  I didn’t think twice, neither did Rob.  We said yes within minutes, (we have been thinking of getting a new puppy for a while now.)

So, on Saturday morning, we are headed to Chicago to pick up the new sister.  The girls are so excited.  They each slept with a photo of her last night.

Here are the names they have chosen so far:







What’s your vote? 

What would you name her if not any of these?  We are open to any and all ideas!

By the way, my Aunt is also selling this little girl’s brother for a HUGE discount of $450 if anyone is interested.  She normally sells them for $800.  Golden Retrievers are some of the smartest, friendliest dogs ever.  These are show quality, pure bred puppies with all their shots.  Please let me know if you are interested.

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16 thoughts on “The New Sister

  1. Zoey! If I remember correctly it comes from the Greek word that means life. Since you are taking her in she won’t have to be put down. You are giving her life.

  2. I like Zoey, and I would love the brother but bad timing right now. When you get “Zoey” or whatever her name will be, you’ll have to bring her over to play with my BIG golden “Tanner”. He’s fixed so no worries there when the time comes, haha!! Have fun with her, she is sooooooo cute.

  3. The boys and I all love Zoey! She is so adorable. If it does mean life, how appropriate. She is one lucky puppy; she will have a wonderful life with a loving family.

  4. I did see that one of the names is mine. I magnanimously grant them permission to name the dog after me if they choose; I’m full of special needs myself.

  5. Zoey was definately the name that jumped aout at me! Seems like many others like it too. That is so cool that the girls will have a cute, loveable dog now.

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