The Rest of the Story

Here’s the rest of the Tweets from vacation.  If you read from the bottom up, you will see a slow digression in the tone.  It’s great to be away for a week, but coming home can be overwhelming.  It took a few days to catch up, but I think I’m finally coming up for air.


  • Did I mention that this was the cheapest trip we’ve ever taken? Flight=FREE, Car=FREE, Scary Motel=FREE, Hiking=FREE. F/F Miles rock.
  • Imagine beautiful, long, red hair not being bridge for an entire week while Mommy was gone. Yeah. I’m just sayin.

    Home. 🙂

  • Phew… Almost home

  • Did I mention we have the meanest flight crew I’ve ever seen? Trying not to get in trouble.

  • On plane headed from Denver
  • Missing my babies. 🙁

  • Headed to Phoenix. We’ll have a few free hours. Any ideas? What’s fun in Phoenix?

  • Going to take a little nap while I wait for @robwegner to get down from the top of Bell Rock. What is it with men and conquering things?

  • Ilift my eyes to the hills. Where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord, maker of Heaven and Earth. 

  • Hiking up to Bell Rock. I’m gonna miss these morning hikes! 

  • Eating breakfast at the motel with real cowboys. A little different than Indiana.

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