The Road Home


I wrote this on the plane yesterday….


So, here I am flying home.  I miss the girls a lot, although I know they had a great time with their way-fun babysitters.  They are so funny, they actually talked Miss Brooke into letting them all sleep in the same bed together.  Maddie said to me "Mom!  Isabelle slept on my head the whole night!"  


As much as I miss the girls when we are away, these times with Rob are so important.  It's when we can talk uninterrupted about the things that matter most to us. 

When we used to date and before we had kids, we talked for hours on end about changing the world.  It's still something that burns in our hearts, but it's hard to talk when there are three little girls clamoring for our undivided attention every waking hour.  


I remember back to when Rob and I were dating.  We were an unusual couple, because we knew that somehow God wanted to use us in some way.  We were open to anything.  Since we lived close to downtown Chicago, we would go there on a lot of our dates.  One time we went to the top of the John Hancock building.  I'll never forget it.  As we looked out over the city, both of us had this profound sense of the presence of God.  The hairs on the back of our necks stood up as we felt God was telling us that His glory would cover everything we saw.  We knew right then that we were to be a part of some great move of God, and we were going to be in it together.


It's been a while since that happened, but every now and then God reminds us of our calling.  This week at the Purpose Driven Network conference  we were reminded of it again.  The call is still the same, although it's so much clearer to us now than it was then.  It's great to have a partner that is in it just as much as I am.  I'm glad Rob and I share the same passion to reach the lost all the way from here to the ends of the earth.

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  1. DisneyCyndi says:

    Last year I got a chance to visit Chicago for the very first time, I fell in love with the city.

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