The Song Of India

  Michelle and Latha

The thing about India is that it goes on and on and on.  Every little city looks exactly the same  Kids in school uniforms, thatched roof storefronts selling  everything from cell phones to mutilated chickens to incense for the Hindu temples.

The cities sprawl on and on into countryside’s that lead to temples to 330 million gods.  It’s obvious there are so many gods because of the amount of temples there are everywhere.  Every few hundred feet there is another one.  It never, ever ends.

The people walk in the same way, ride the same bikes, and eat the same food.  Classes of people divide and discern what one can and can not do. Rules of Caste are not often broken. 

Children are bought and sold as slaves here.  Women turn to prostitution for lack of any hope for themselves or their families.  There is no work for them.  There is no food, no provision.  Men buy and sell each other, destroying and dominating the livelihoods of others.

There is a hope arising from the hearts of Men and Women who follow the One True God.  A Hope for freedom.  A hope for love.  A hope for provision.  A promise of redemption and eternal security are filling their hearts with joy and a song that is catching on from the slums of Chennai to the  High Caste Bhraman neighborhoods.  The song is being sung from the banana trees to the rice fields.  From the mountains to the valleys, the song of Hope is  being sung.

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  1. Melisa Shafer says:

    Goosebumps when I read this! Saying a special prayer for all of you this morning.

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