Theology of Thunderstorms

Last night before Rob and I went on our wild and crazy date to the Amish Acres Red Barn Theater, there was a humongous thunder storm.  cloud_rain  Not just a little thunder-boomer, but a tornado siren blowing, hide in your basement away from all windows storm.  Isabelle gets terrified in these storms.  The girls were in the basement for the worst of the storm, but I needed to get ready to go, so I brought Isabelle up to my room with me. 

She was sitting on my bed literally trembling.  She was saying, "Why does it have to be so loud?"  and "Why does God have to do this to us?"  In my profound wisdom and theologically sound thinking, I said, "Well, he is just watering the flowers for us so we don't have to."  Just then the thunder boomed so loud the house shook.  I tried to downplay her fear, and make light of the situation by saying, "See, that is just God laughing.  I think he is playing a trick on us."  Just as I said that, it thundered even louder, and Belle started crying.  She said, "Why is he being so mean to us?  THIS IS NOT FUNNY!"

How does a Mommy recover from that one?  I just made God look like a practical joke playing prankster that likes to scare little kids and hides behind clouds in the sky!

I am trying God, really, I am.  Maybe you can in your infinite wisdom reach down into Belle's little brain and correct the skewed image I have made of you.smile_confused

3 thoughts on “Theology of Thunderstorms

  1. Angie says:

    How hilarious! I hope Belle has recovered.

  2. Renee Crabtree says:

    That’s a tough one. The little stories we tell to make our children feel okay. Maybe this is a good time to remind her that we make mistakes and you were trying to make her feel better “but the truth is…” and say you don’t know.

  3. Thomas Hoyt says:

    I tend to think and wonder if a thunderstorm like that is the product or side-effect of a fierce spiritual battle between His angle army and the demons of this world? Every time I see a lightning flash or the bolt itself, I wonder if it is the fierce clashing of swords between adversaries?
    I do know that the plants of this earth God created love it when there is lightning. The lightning releases an amount of nitrogen into the air. You can tell among the plants that lightning has struck…there is much growth.
    It’s such a divine irony…out of the dangerous death and destruction this world dishes out, God can use that to bring forth new growth and life!

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