There’s Nothing Like The Ocean

There is nothing like the ocean. Our family (plus our niece Brooke) just got back from a fabulous week at Hilton Head Island in South Carolina. We have never been there, and were amazed at the beauty of the beaches and the unique history of the area.

The girls learned to body surf…something we don’t get to do very much in Indiana. They played hard every day and had lots of fun together.  All four of them crammed into one small bedroom at night, and stayed up way too late laughing and being silly.

We are super grateful for time away as a family, making memories that I am sure will last a lifetime.

There is nothing like the ocean to teach you about the power of God alive in creation. The sound of the waves roaring and crashing above all the other noises was a constant reminder to me of His presence there with us.

I’ll be unpacking, doing laundry, shaking sand out of suitcases, but I’ll be doing it with a grateful and thankful heart for an amazing week away with my family.



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