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Here are the girls answers to the questions you asked them about our trip to India.  Enjoy!


1) Was Three weeks long enough?



I: I wanted to go home

2) Cheek Pinching… How do you deal?

M:I just smiled

W:I smiled, in my brain I was saying, “OUCH!  Stop it!”

I: Pretty much it hurted.

Posted by: Ryan

– What was your favorite part of the trip?

M: The beach at the Bay of Bengal. I got to go horseback riding, shoot a gun, and get crashed by the waves.

W: Seeing the people in the villages.  It was overwhelming, but fun.

I: Go up on the mountain, playing with the kids

What was the hardest part of the trip?

M: Being away from my friends and my dogs

W: The villages because it was very overwhelming.  Also I missed everybody and everything in America.

I: Oh!  Trying to keep away from the people trying to pinch my cheeks.

– What is one thing you think you’ll miss about India?

M:Rajendran, Prema, Clarinda and Bruce.

W:The hospitality of all the people there.  I

do not miss the smells.

I: The motel with the pool, the girls my age

Sum up your trip to India in one word.

M:One word…are you serious?


I:I like the airport

Posted by: Angie Aquila


What are you looking forward to when you get back home?

M:My friends.

W: The normal weather and my friends.

I: McDonalds

What is the first thing you can not wait to eat?

M: McDonalds chicken snack wrap

W: A McDonalds cheeseburger and fries.

I: McDonalds chicken nuggets with ketchup, fries, and an orange drink.

Posted by: Jenny Johnson


What surprised you the most about India?

M: That there were horses to ride on the beach

W: The heat

I: The mountain

What did you do on the long airplane rides?

M: Watched movies

W: Read books, watched movies, slept and ate.

I: I looked out the window, I sleeped, I played, I snuggled my Daddy and Mama, chewed gum, a guy that sat next to me was very nice, he gave me gum.

Posted by: Jeanna Miller


What is your favorite thing you found to bring home to remember your trip by?

M: Elephants

W: Jewelry

I: My India Barbie and my new outfit.

 Do any of the kids know how to speak English? ( I am curious about this one because my Compassion boy I sponsor is now 14 and he’s starting to write his letters to me in English now!)


W: Lots of Kids speak English

I: A lot of them do

 What food did you try that you were surprised you liked?

M:Chicken 65

W: Nothing

I: Carrots and the fried bananas.

Posted by: Rachel H.


When asked "Why did you go", what will you say?

M:To help the people

W: Because I wanted to help the people in India and understand their culture.  Although it is very interesting, it is very wrong and sad.

I: To help the kids

Are you glad you went? Why, or why not?

M: Yes.  I was very happy to see Sangeetha.

W: I am definitely glad I went.  It took this whole trip to make me realize how privileged I am.

I:Yes, because I liked going to Salem because it is the same name as my preschool.  It is a city on a mountain.

What one thing have you learned that you wish everyone your age could know?

M:There are people much less fortunate then us.

W: That it is a great experience.

I: That they could go with me and go up on the mountain.

Posted by: Phil W

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  1. Lucy says:

    “pretty much it hurted” – aww.

  2. Jen says:

    All of the girls answers are great and really fun to read. Thanks for sharing. Maddie’s answers strike me as being especially profound because she was so sick during the trip. I guess they each had their turn at not feeling well. The pictures you shared of her near the end of the trip just really made me hurt for her. She looked so sad. Thanks again for sharing everything.

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