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You all asked such fabulous questions for my girls to answer!  Again, I am amazed at some of their answers, and tried to control my giggles with some others. This was a very fun and good exercise for them.  It refreshed their memories and brought back a lot of things they had forgotten.  Thanks for participating.  I hope you enjoy their answers.  I know I did.  🙂India-Rob 122

After having visited India before, what are you most excited about this time? Is there anything you’re afraid of?

M:Going into the really deep villages.  I’m afraid of spiders and bugs

W:Going to the village and playing with all the kids  I’m afraid of dogs with Rabies

I: Seeing a fancy motel.  I’m afraid of weird guys in India and the guys that shout really loud.  And the robbers.

Tell what your plans are while you are there. (your plans, not what your mom and dad have planned for you to do)

M: I plan to read, play my DSI, ride a rickshaw

W: To try different foods, and to try to reach out and play with more kids

I: Have fun playing  in our bedroom and be nice

Are you excited, nervous, scared, what?

M:  All

W:Since I’ve done this before, I think I am mostly excited.

I: All

Are you going to help your mom pack?

M: Of course……….maybe

W: Maybe………

I: Yes!

Hi Girls, It is such a long plane ride. How will you pass the time besides sleeping?

M:DSI, Zune, Read, Watch Movies, Talk to the person next to me,

W: Reading, DSI, and my Zune.  Maybe even watch movies if we are in a higher class

I: Play Little Ponie’s Polly Pockets, Play Littlest Pet Shop

Since you have already been there what do you want to see again?

M: Buttered Nan

W: The cotton candy, and the kids in the villages

I: The Doctors and a guy peeing, and even better than that, our bus driver, and the doggie.  I just hope the stray doggies don’t bite me.

Your Mom will be riding a horse to travel to one of the places she is going. Will you be going also?

M: Yep

W: Yes

I: Yes

Would you want to live in India? Why or why not?

M: No…It’s dirty and there isn’t clean water, not to be rude.

W: No, well, maybe.  It is a sad place, but I would want to help the kids.  It would be pretty hard to live there.

I: No.  It’s sweating there. 

What do you appreciate the most when you come back?

M: My bed and American food

W: Non-peppered cheeseburgers

I: Seeing Winston and Ellie and how happy they were to see me (our dogs).  I liked that I could play with our friends again.

What one “picture” do you want to show everyone so they can see what it’s like?

M:  Poor people carrying bananas

W: Babies on the street with no homes, literally left there.

W: There was a little girl with a car racing shirt that I liked.

 What is the most different about Indian children and what is the most the same?

M: Different-They speak a different language. Same-They are kids

W:  Different-What I realized when I went there is that I am so spoiled, and other kids here too.  Same-We both have lots of energy and like to play

I: Different-They have a little bigger brains than us.  They can think how to make stuff on their own.  Like with metal.  Same-We can all say “Hi” and “Bye” and some of them even have the same eyes as me.

How do you think God wants to use you while you are there?

M: To tell the kids about God

W: Playing with the children and helping out with hard work

I: Nicely.  And I think He wants to treat the India kids nicely too.

Hi girls, Who are you most excited to see when you get there?
M: Rajendran and his family

W: The man on the plane that was really nice to us, and Rajendran’s family

I: The doggie, the girl that is my friend, and Clarinda.

Out of all the clothes you are packing what outfit do you like the best ?

M: My new white skirt that looks like the one that got stolen in London last time

W: Huh?

I: Any

Would you like to take your own children to India someday? Why?

M: Yes, it is a good experience

W: Yes, definitely.  The experience is amazing.

I: I’m going to have 2 girls and 2 boys.  Jade and Rachel, Jacob and Kyle.  They want to go to India so bad.  In my mind, they really want to go there so bad.

If you could pack up food from a fast food restaurant and share it with everyone what fast food would you pack?

M: I would pack Arbys!

W: McDonalds…heavenly food.

I: McDonalds and Chic-Fil-A

What is one thing you would do differently? 

M: Pack more snacks

W: Give more, and be more thankful

I: Running a lot, playing a lot, eating a lot more, wearing a lot more skirts, that’s pretty much it.

What do you want to learn more about on this trip?

W: I am not sure.  I learned a lot about India on my last trip.

M: The language

I: How they cooperate to each other, and how they deal with sleeping on rocks, and how they get all their clothes.

If you could take a gift for the children you meet in India what would you bring?

M:  A pack of clothes, food, medicine and water

I: Rollerblades like mine

How about to the mothers and fathers there what would you bring them?

M: A pack of clothes, food, medicine, and water.

I:candles, pencils, paper, pencil, dogs, a foot bath thing like Mommy has.  I would also give them a little fan.

Do you wish you could bring friends from Indiana with you

I:Yes!  Naomi, Reean and Michael

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