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You guys had some amazing, thought provoking questions for the girls.  I’m not kidding, I wasn’t prepared for the depth and insight in some of thier answers.  I’ve been praying about ways to prepare them for the trip, and this little Q&A helped them a lot!  Thank you for your part in getting my girls ready for the trip of a lifetime!

Belle…Are you planning on taking Forks, Knives and Spoons? Mo Breden

“Yes, giddy up horsey.”  A direct quote.  🙂

 What are you excited about? Nervous about? What do you most want to do while you're in India? Shelly Wildman , Jeanna Miller

M: I am exited about the rickshaws in India. I'm nervous about the food and how spicy it is. When i am in India want to ride an elephant ,but i don’t if that is going to happen.  

I: Excited about: Seeing the whole entire world.  Nervous about seeing India people.  Most want to: Play with the kids.

W: I’m excited about playing and talking to the Indian children. I’m nervous about the diseases there. Eat lots of Indian food, and playing with the Indian children.

 What do you girls plan on doing on the long plane ride? Jenny Johnson

M: i plan on listening to my mp3 player, reading a good book, sleeping, and eating.


W: Play my DS, sleep, and eat.

Maddie, Do you have the cards we made you in Oasis/CIA when you were born?

M: Yes, I  have. I have enjoyed every single one.

 What kind of shoes are you going to wear in India? Are you going to wear socks too? Mark Beeson

M: i am planning on wearing a pair of Crocs and my new tennis shoes.  No socks-It will be too warm.

B: My regular shoes.  No socks.

W: Same thing as Maddie.PS( Not trying to be  boring or anything.) 🙂

What was the first thing you said/did/thought about after hearing you were going to India with your parents? John White

M: one of my first thoughts was “Where are we going to sleep?”

B: “It was awesome!”

W: Finally I get to go to India! I really wanted to go the last time my sister went.

what kind of food will you be eating? jessp

M: Spicy, but we’re bringing lots of snacks.

B: Spicy Stuff, India food..all of it. 

W: Spicy food.  I’ve tried it before and it is very delicious.

What will you wear in India? Are there special rules for girls?  Why are you going to India?  Rindy Walton

M: Dresses and skirts Rules: We have to wear dresses or special pants you buy in India.  Why India:  To help the people, and to teach the Fathers how to be good Fathers

B: My dresses and my clothes.  First of all, you’re not allowed to see the Queen of England.  I am going to India because we need to help poor kids

W: I will be wearing sari’s dresses, and skirts.  We are going to India to help kids India and help them feel comfortable.

What is one thing (game, song, etc.) that you want to teach the children you meet? What is one thing you want to learn from them?  sarah koutz

M: I want to teach the children how to say Mom and Dad.  I want to learn a little Tamil from them.

B: How to speak our language.  I want to learn their words.

W: I want to teach them how to sing, “If you’re Happy and You Know It”.  One thing I want to learn from them is: Lots of words and sentences.

what will you miss most about being gone from home? what do you think will be the most amazing thing you will get to do? amy |

M:  I will miss my bed and my friends.  The most amazing thing I will get to do is: I don’t know!  I’m excited about the whole trip!

B: I will miss Ellie and Winston.  The most amazing thing we will get to do is see India people.

W: I will miss my clean toilet.  I think the most amazing thing I get to do is play with kids from another country.

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  1. skoutz says:

    Great answers ladies! I can’t wait to hear all of your stories. I’m praying for all of you and incredibly jealous I don’t get to go with you!

  2. Charity says:

    Great answers Girls! My sister went to India a little over a year ago and loved playing with the kids there… I bet they will love you to pieces!
    (Praying for you guys as you travel, Michelle. PS I haven’t read how long you’ll be gone…)

  3. Whitney’s got it right about missing the clean toilet. At least she’s going in with her eyes open 😉

  4. I can’t watit to hear the girl’s thoughts after the trip! I wonder if Belle will still be saying Giddy Up Horsey when it’s all said and done 🙂 I hope so!

  5. dale says:

    Great stuff… those girls are a hoot, especially B. Giddy up horsey.

  6. Rindy Walton says:

    Thanks girls!! Love the answers…Can’t wait to hear how it all goes!!

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