They Call it Falls For A Reason

Our first adventure today was a hike out to Spruce Flat Falls.  The park rangers don’t even really want you to find this waterfall because the hike and the falls are so dangerous, people fall off, get maimed, permanently injured, etc. from this hike.

Of course this sounded right up Rob’s creek, so we headed up there.  Rob and I had done this hike before we had kids, and I specifically remember Rob climbing up to the top of the waterfall, then falling down a ledge on the other side, then coming back up all bloody and bruised.  What better place to take our family on a lovely stroll through the woods?

Again, I was amazed at Belle’s determination.  She did not want to be helped or carried one bit.  When one of us insisted on helping her over a particularly dangerous part, she begged and begged to be put down.  I was also impressed with Maddie and Whitney for not complaining once the entire time.  I think the adventure of this hike was so unusual and exciting, it left no room for complaints. 

We made it to the top in about an hour and a half, sat down, enjoyed the view, and then suddenly Rob and Whitney disappeared.


Yep, there was blood involved.  They were elated when they came down.

Spruce Flat Falls and Cades Cove 025  Spruce Flat Falls and Cades Cove 027

Spruce Flat Falls and Cades Cove 028 Spruce Flat Falls and Cades Cove 029 

 Spruce Flat Falls and Cades Cove 031

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