Things That Bug Me

I’m trying to work on not complaining.  I’ve found that the more I complain, the more my kids complain.  It sounds right and justified coming out of my mouth, but when I hear it coming from them…Yikes!  Complaining is not something I want to replicate.  So, I thought I’d spill it all here so my kids don’t have to hear it.

Here’s some things that bug me:

  • when people are late
  • people who lie to me
  • arguing for the sake of arguing
  • getting the wrong order at a drive-thru
  • people who swear in front of my kids
  • lazy people
  • commercials
  • Christian Romance novels
  • non-Christian Romance novels
  • typos
  • junk mail
  • people who don’t recycle
  • board games (except scrabble)
  • when someone uses my toothbrush
  • when someone takes my pillow
  • When the cashier at Martins talks to me about my groceries
  • loud crunching
  • and mostly….
  • mean people.

That’s all.  I feel purged.

5 thoughts on “Things That Bug Me

  1. Kathy Friend says:

    I’m sorry…I am ALWAYS late, and I don’t know why! It’s bad…and I should change that. Seems like no matter what time I get started, I always end up late. It gets on MY nerves! And, that’s bad if you’re getting on your own nerves!
    So – for the million times that I’ve been late – I’m sorry 🙁

  2. i gotta say, that i enjoy confusing my cashiers. i tell them that no matter WHAT i have in my cart it’s for my family’s FAVORITE casserole.
    “yeah, my kids LOVE tuna, ketchup, ice cream, diet coke casserole. it’s their favorite.”
    also, crunching doesn’t bother me, but swallowing loudly drives me up the wall!

  3. Sherry Ingle says:

    Hah!! I counted 15 of those items that bug me too!!! Esp. the “top three”!!

  4. Amen.
    (Except I might play board games from time to time…)

  5. craig says:

    every vac but kirby stinks

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