Third Culture Leadership

Dave Gibbons


God has called us to lead in a third culture

What is a third culture leader?  Adaptation.  It’s painful adaptation.  To live in a culture despite the pain and comfort involved.

Can we love someone who is unlovable?  Can we love someone who is easy to hate?

How do we become a third culture leader?

We focus on the fringe.  We focus on the misfit rather than the masses.  Our tendency is to focus on those who are just like us.  Typically it is the fringe freaky people who people want to follow.

The question you have to ask is “Who is the outsider?”  Who is in the margins of society

Third Culture Leader:  A different kind of metrics. Up and to the right is an illusion

Failure is success to God.  It is your platform to humanity.  It is your voice to connect with your generation.

Do you have time to listen to the stories of the people around you?  Walk slowly and see the people around you.  Can I look into their eyes and see their hearts?

Weakness will guide you more than your strengths do.


How do we quantify vision?


We don’t need more visionaries, we need more reactionaries.

As a leader, your main task is developing leaders.

The best discipleship happens life on life, not through programs.

Let local leadership lead the way.

A third culture leader understands that obedience is more important than passion.  “Feeling it” isn’t enough.

4 Acts of obedience

  1. Deeper collaboration.  Work with others that surround you, the body of Christ is whole when it reaches out.
  2. Communal living.  Maybe some families should actually live together.  Maybe a group of families should live in the same neighborhood.  Live life together.
  3. Prayer. 
  4. Radical sacrifice for the outsider.

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