Third World Summer

How I would love to say, "Now that we've settled into our summer routine…"  There is no routine!  It is driving me seriously crazy.  I have realized more and more that I am a routine person.  I do not do well in the realm of the unexpected.  What is odd about that is how well I can adapt in a third-world setting.  I  can fly into India and be perfectly at home in minutes.  I think maybe because the unexpected in places like India is the expected. 

These summer days are killing me.  I never know what's happening or what is going to be happening next.  One week is different from the next, and in the midst of it all I am getting nothing whatsoever done.  I think the fact that my girls are more independent makes it harder too.  I trust them to walk down to the neighbors or play at a friends all day.  I used to be the one making up the routine.  They liked to be with me.  We'd go on walks, play play-dough, etc.  Now I play to their routines.  I guess it will take some getting used to.  I'll probably be used to it by the end of summer when it's time to get into the school routine again.  So, I guess I will be adapting to the third-world culture of summer for the next few weeks.  Pardon my jet-lagged eyes.

One thought on “Third World Summer

  1. Michelle, I don’t know how you did it but you nailed down my own frustrations in a couple of paragraphs. I was literally nodding in agreement with you. I like plans. I like schedules. I don’t like to follow them but I want everyone else to.

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