Third World Take on American Girl

Our girls love American Girl dolls.  I am not one to spend tons of money on toys for my kids, but American Girl dolls are the one treasure I have allowed in their growing up years.  Why?  First of all, because they are little girls.  I want to encourage them to play with little girl stuff as long as possible.  Maddie, almost 11, still loves her girls.  She doesn’t so much play with them, but she loves to dress them up and put them on display.

I also love the books that go along with each of the American Girl dolls.  The stories teach about historical American life-what it was like for other girls their age to grow up at different times in America. 

I love to have something for the girls to earn money and save for.  They have each saved up significant amounts of money to purchase a special dress, horse, or accessory to go with their dolls.  It’s been a great teaching tool as far as helping them understand the value of saving.

So, since we happened to be right downtown this weekend with Raj and Prema, we decided to take them into the new store in Water Tower Place in Chicago.  The girls have not been to the new store yet, so to say the least, they about dropped dead when they walked in the front doors.  I seriously wish I had ran ahead so I could have filmed the looks on their faces when they first walked in.

I tried to prepare Prema for what she would see when we walked in, but I don’t think there are any words in any language in the world to explain to someone who grew up and lived her entire life in a third world culture what their eyes would behold in the American Girl store.  I could tell Prema was trying to take it all in.  She was talking to Raj in Tamil, and all of a sudden they both started laughing hysterically.  They wouldn’t tell us at first what they were laughing about.  But later, Raj told us that bad people in India sell REAL Indian girls for cheaper than the price of the American Girl Dolls.  That’s perspective!

Belle and Prema AG



3 thoughts on “Third World Take on American Girl

  1. Disney Cyndi says:

    Wow!!!! I don’t even know what to say to that.
    I was never able to afford the dolls for my girls but they loved getting the books. I think they are still up in there room somewhere. I can’t imagine selling a child period, let alone at that cost!

  2. Elle White says:

    That’s enough to make anyone want to weep. Thanks for the perspective, Michelle.

  3. Mo says:

    Perspective is right.

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