Grumpy Me

Disney_day_1_epcot_014 This picture is hilarious.  Me and Belle are grumpy and tired.  I think we parents get it in our heads that vacation is all smiles, laughter, joy, and endless gratitude from our children.  Spend 5 minutes observing children at Disney World, and you will soon find that is not true.

One thing really stood out to me most from one of Mark Beeson’s messages on parenting (forgive me, I can not remember which one it was…this thought just really stuck with me.)  Mark talked about how he and Sheila would take their kids on day trips.   He said that most of the day would be hard, or even terrible, but the few minutes that were great were eternal.  I can vouch for that wholeheartedly as a parent now for 10 years.  There are a lot of grumpy moments on vacation, but when you see the sparkle in your daughters eye when a real Princess says she’s beautiful, it’s all worth it.  Or, like one time Rob, me, and the girls were on a pier at Clearwater Beach in Florida.  The sun was setting, and there was a perfect rainbow over our heads.  A full moon was already out, and a dolphin was playing under the pier.  When we got to the end of the pier, the sun set, and people literally applauded.  I sang a praise song to Jesus in my heart. 

Those moments are eternal.  The girls will never forget that.  It’s worth the grumpy tiredness that comes from a thrown off schedule.  Vacation time is together time.  Navigating through that grumpiness is part of being a family.  Can you tell I love vacation?  I’m ready for another one!

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  1. Lisa says:

    Hey, it looks like you had the experience of a lifetime! I had to laugh at the Grumpy pic, because when I think of Disney trips, I sometimes think of how HARD they can be! (“take your fun with you!”) You guys are doing a great job with your kids. They are a joy-maybe I can get to know them better soon!????? 🙂

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