Three Great Things a Three Year Old Said…

Late_november_2007_045 Here are three great things Belle said last night at the wake or "viewing" or whatever it is that Indiana people call it…

1. To everyone who would catch her eye for more than a second…"He is diiiiiieeeed!"  and,

2.  "This is a very sad place you know."

And to her sister’s horror, to a man with a ponytail…

3.  "Are you a boy or a girl?"

The worst of all happened last week when she said to a very large man, "Why your belly so big?  You got some kids in there?"

Gotta love having a 3 year old. 

2 thoughts on “Three Great Things a Three Year Old Said…

  1. Papa says:

    What a Great Kid!
    She calls it as she sees it.

  2. DC Curry says:

    hahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahaha….i love your girls! They are not only HONEST! but hilarious! You have an amazing family!

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