Time Magazine Online Article about PD Summit

Here is the online edition of the article our new friend David Van Biema wrote about the Purpose Driven Network Summit last week.  It is very well written and has a very holistic approach to what went on at the conference last week.  After I read it, I had a better idea about what was going on, even though I was there!

Even if you're not interested about the PD Summit, it is a great article describing what the next wave in world missions will look like.  Rob and I are in.  Are you?

2 thoughts on “Time Magazine Online Article about PD Summit

  1. Kathy Friend says:

    Is this the article that Rob was interviewed for?

  2. Rob was interviewed by the TIME reporter for about 3 hours. This online edition is a teeny-tiny part of the giant article that will come out after Rick Warren and his people make their trip with David, the reporter) to Rwanda. The things that Rob and David talked about will most likely come out in that article, although this article was strongly influenced by Rob’s thinking I believe. :0)

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