Top Ten Funniest Moments as a Pastor’s Wife

My life can sway from absolutely serious to absolutely hilarious in a matter of seconds. I guess that’s what you get when you work with PEOPLE. People are wonderful. God made people. Rob and I are committed to investing the rest of our lives into building up people so they will become fully devoted followers of Christ. So, to say the least, we really like people. But, the flip side of that is the mess people bring with them. I thought I’d share a few funnies.

So here are the top 10 funniest moments I remember from the past 15 years of ministry at Granger Community Church:

10. At our garage sale this summer, a frantic woman jumped out of her car and stalked right up to Rob, who was sitting in our garage, and said angrily, "Do you do weddings here or what?"

9. While working at the register at Pages in Time, I overheard a woman and her friend talking about what a terrible place GCC was, and how they would never, ever send their children there because GCC does not sing hymns. When she stepped up to my register, I introduced myself as a pastor’s wife from GCC. I was glad to meet her and happy to answer any questions she had about our church. I seriously wish I had a camera to record the look of horror on her face.

8. A few years back when someone was looking for that youth guy , "Robin Michelle".

7. When a church member saw me through my bedroom window sitting on my bed at my house yelled through my window, "I KNOW YOU ARE IN THERE! I NEED TO TALK TO YOU!"

6. When the girls’ friend came to church with us for the first time and said , "My Mom said it was ok to come to church with you becase it’s not real church anyway."

5. When a woman insisted that she needed weekly one on one time with Rob for prayer and counseling (alone). Rob didn’t go for it of course! 🙂

4. Several times over the years I have had well meaning adults ask me what Rob does with the rest of his time since he only preaches like once a week.

3. When people ask me if Rob is like "that" at home.

2. On Easter Sunday one year I answered the phone and a lady kept yelling, "Tell Rob to meet me at 7-11. My life is falling apart! I just need to touch a Pastor. I just need to touch a Pastor!"

1. Before Rob and I even had kids, a lady asked me how my baby was. "I don’t have a baby." I said. "Yes you do." "No…I don’t." "Yes! You do!" she yelled, and walked away.

2 thoughts on “Top Ten Funniest Moments as a Pastor’s Wife

  1. Kara says:

    Hey Michelle! Oh my goodness – I’m so glad you wrote those down. I’m a minister’s wife too (for only a total of 3 years) and can relate to some of those! So the craziness doesn’t end?! 🙂 LOL

  2. Michelle says:

    No, Kara, the craziness doesn’t end. It just gets funnier and easier to live with! 🙂
    In the end, it’s all worth it!

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