Twelve Reasons I Love to Read

  1. Reading takes me out of my own world for awhile. Someone else’s thoughts, story and perspective shifts my thinking away from my own circumstance, causing me to think outside my box.
  2. Reading from a wide variety of writing styles causes me to think hard about my own writing.  I can reflect on what I like to read, and what causes me to put a book down.
  3. Reading keeps my mind active.  It feeds my imagination.
  4. Reading stories of survival of hardship or abuse are very inspirational to me.  They cause me to realize the strength we have built in, and the odds we can overcome when we draw from God’s strength.
  5. Stories cause me to think about other people I know and why they might respond the way they do to circumstances.
  6. Reading as much as I have this year, I find myself thinking in narrative, much the way I am sure true musicians constantly have a song or melody floating around the corners of their thoughts.
  7. Reading keeps my own writing polished.
  8. I find myself in a characters shoes when I’m reading their thoughts.  How would I respond to their situation? Do I agree with how they handled it?
  9. Stories are playing around us all day every day.  Only a few have the guts to write them down.  I want to read what they have to say, and why it was so important for them to write it down.
  10. Reading fills my heart with wonder and my heart with joy.
  11. Reading something amazing makes me want to create something on my own.
  12. Reading takes me on adventures to places I might not ever get to go on my own.

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