Two Funnies

  • Tuesday was Belle’s final day of preschool.  She had a picnic that all the parents were invited to.  Since Prema has never been to the USA, I thought it would be a fun place to take her.  I dropped Belle off at school, went to go pick up Prema, had to get Maddie from school because she was sick, came back to preschool, only to find Belle highly distraught.  Her teacher said that she told her I was in India picking up Prema and I would not be back for a long time. 
  • In India, the traditional style of eating is with your hands.  Silverware is for sissies.  We have been telling the girls about this, and they have enjoyed practicing.  Belle is especially excited since that is her preferred method of eating most of the time.  While we were out to eat with Raj and Prema at Don Pablos, Belle went over to Prema and said in her loudest, clearest voice, “WE DO NOT USE OUR HANDS HERE.  WE HAVE FORKS, SPOONS AND KNIVES.”  So glad she is willing to help.
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    1. Jen Latzke says:

      Aww thanks for the laughs! Totally brightened my day! 🙂 Miss you!

    2. That Belle! She just has a way of bringing laughter to your day!

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