Typepads’ Technicolor Love

PIC-0597  I opened my mailbox the other day and gasped.  A second white envelope from Six Apart!  What could it be?  I went inside, opened up my precious package, and to my heart’s great delight, it was another T-shirt! I got a tear in my eye because I knew my friends at Six Apart must really, really care.  The first T-shirt was a teaser.  The second meant commitment.  Care.  Compassion.

I Twittered about this immediately, and much to my dismay, my friends did not rejoice with me. They met my Twitter with sadness, lethargy, and perhaps a twinge of jealousy?

I am feeling like Joseph.  This T-shirt is my Technicolor Dream Coat.  I will wear it proudly as I am the favored child.

I will stay far away from any open pits or wells…or should I say septic tanks, since I live in Granger?

I will never tell these friends that the second T-shirt was sent via intern-error.  I do not believe it.  I am the favored child.  It is my destiny.

5 thoughts on “Typepads’ Technicolor Love

  1. Amy says:

    Ha! Well, I must have missed those tweets. Aren’t you just the chosen one? 🙂

  2. I’d be happy to send more TypePad t-shirts, cos’ who else would name a post “TypePad Loves Me”? I mean, I gotta see the love, yall.
    (PS – our interns totally rule. I’d rather send too many than not send any.)

  3. Darn party poopers! I’d be stoked to get a shirt – to get 2 means you must so awesomely awesome rock rock. Yes, redunancy was intented & meant.

  4. Brian Ayers says:

    I’ll admit that I’m a bit jealous. I’ve received no such love from Six Apart. …my jealousy aside I’m happy for you

  5. Kathy Friend says:

    You crack me up! Maybe I should move from Blog spot to Type Pad…maybe then I would get t-shirt? Probably not, they already have a chosen one 🙂

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