Uncle Henry

One of the people I met on my trip to Uganda was Henry Orombi.  He is presently Archbishop of the Church of Uganda.  We affectionately called him "Uncle Henry."  He affectionately called me "Moochellee" which is the Ugandan word for rice.   Eighteen or so College age kids moved into his house for an entire summer and we got to see up close and personal that he was the real deal.

This man shone with the glory of God.  Everywhere we went, it was like this.  People adored him.  He is full of life, love, and so much compassion for his people. 

Uncle Henry   

He truly reminded me of the apostle Paul with the personality and leadership gifts of Mark Beeson.  I loved this man.  He made me feel like I was walking around with Jesus.  He cared deeply for me and our team.  When I was very sick one night, I saw him the next morning, and I think he had been up all night praying.  He said to me, "You won’t be sick anymore."  He spoke it with such authority, I felt it in my gut.  I wasn’t sick any more.  I got better.  I’m thankful for this man and his love for Jesus.  This photo says it all.

Read more about this amazing man and is family here, here, or watch a video of him talking here.

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