Unga To Inga

The phrase going around right now, "Up There Down Here" simply means what it says in the Lord’s prayer, "May it be on Earth as it is in heaven."In India, when they say, "Up there, Down Here", It translates, "Unga to Inga".  I love that! 

From the time19_ancianoorando I was very small, I remember a photo hanging on my Grandma and Grandpa Blom’s kitchen wall.  It was of an old man praying.  The memory of that photo is attached to every memory I have of Grandma’s house.  We were a Christian Reformed family.  So Christian Reformed in fact, that we prayed the Lord’s Prayer out loud in unison at every meal.  Not only that, but there were times we prayed it after we ate as well.  I could never figure that one out.  Was the food just really good that day, so we said an extra prayer, or were we supposed to do that so we would get the dessert?  These are my first memories of the Lord’s Prayer.  Great memories.  When I pray those words I am comforted with memories of family and love and devotion, and that old man on the wall.  I feel a sense of connectedness with the generations gone before me.  The prayer has grown in me over the years.  To see "Your Kingdom come, Your will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven," has become the anthem of my life.  Bringing up There Down Here.  Unga to Inga.  It’s what I’m all about.

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  1. Lisa Vukmirovich says:

    When I was in High School, my friend Mike told me that this was a picture of his grandpa and I totally believed him!

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