Utilizing Smart, Wealthy People

This session has been very interesting.  This is a panel made up of men who have been successful in the marketplace and have also utilized their giftedness in the church. 

They say that they are an un-tapped resource because people come to them 25 times a week to write a check.  No one comes to them for relationships, and they are not good at relationships because they are bottom-line guys.

One of the men,Dave Arnold,  was brilliant, and he said that for years and years no one knew what to do with him, so he drove the shuttle bus, and worked the cameras for a long time.  This guy had huge capacity for leadership, yet no one knew what to do with him.  He retired from his job, wrote Rick a letter and told him that for the rest of his life he would work to support the P.E.A.C.E. plan, no salary required.  Amazing!  We could use a few guys like this!

The kingdom of God needs guys(and girls…more on that later!)  like this.  I am sure they get so tired of ministries asking for a check.  They have serious skills that the church can utilize. 

God has given these people more than financial assets.  They have skills to lead, build, equip, and train people. 

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