V.I.P. Seating

One of the exciting things about going to Disney World right now is that it is the "Year of a Million Dreams."  Anyone at any of the parks can be tapped by a cast member and be given amazing prizes.  Our girls were sure they were going to win a night’s stay in the Cinderella castle.  Well, we did not win that, but, we did get picked for V.I.P. seating at the Nemo show in Animal Kingdom.  The girls jumped up and down and screamed and squealed for being "picked".  The man who gave us our V.I.P. seat tickets told us to just show up 30 minutes before the show.  We would be ushered to the front of the line and given the best seats in the house.  We did exactly as he said.  We got their 30 minutes early, thought it was strange that no one was in line, went right in, and found that the best seats were all TAKEN!  (the man was supposet to tell us to be there 40 minutes early).  The girls were outraged.  Rob asked a cast member where the V.I.P. seats were, and she said, "There aren’t any."  He showed her the tickets.  She got mad and said "there aren’t any."  Rob got mad and said, "Well, why do we have these tickets?"  Then her boss came over and seated us in what really did turn out to be great seats.  The girls were still outraged, even though they could reach out their hands and touch Nemo and Dorie, (except several cast members told them if they did that, they would be asked to leave).  No matter how many times we told ther girls these were great seats, they  did not believe us.  They have a huge sense of injustice about these issues.   They still secretly loved the show.

Fast foward to the next day when we are flying home.  The flight from Cincinati to South Bend was the 2nd worst flight I have ever been on in my life.  We flew through, and then above a terrible storm.  A lady on the plane was sobbing the whole time and saying to her husband, "I don’t want to die."  That’s how bad it was.  To us, it was just another great ride…an extention of our Disney trip.  When we flew above the clouds, everything got peaceful very fast.  We happened to be flying right at the time the sun was going down, and to put it mildly, the view was breathtaking.Airplane_sunset_4

The girls were amazed.  I was amazed.  Rob was taking his turn playing Ariel sticker book with Belle, so I’m not sure what he thought.  I leaned in to the girls and said, "See, God made sure we got our V.I.P. seating after all.  I think this is just for us.  They smiled and laughed and really got it,

(I hope)

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