Boot Lake The late autumn leaves are still covering the ground in my back yard.  Some still linger around in the trees, hoping winter is not really true. I used to be like those leaves.  I used to hang on to golden, sunny afternoons of autumn, pretending not to notice the dread of winter in the air.

But I’ve changed.  Autumn leaves that give up their will easily will understand.  I think they hold the secret to a winter of happiness.  They just let it be.  They let winter come, cover them up, as they wait and hope for spring.

Some time this fall, that change happened in me.  Some time today winter’s chill crept up on me, and I let it come.  I lit a candle, put on Christmas music, and sat down to watch the last of the leaves give up their fight.

Thanksgiving hasn’t happened yet, and yet I sit her reflecting on the birth of our Lord, and am so deeply thankful for all He is in every season of our lives.

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