Ways to Die

By 11am yesterday, I was depressed.  I realized that by then I had heard a relentless stream of new warnings of fatalities. 

Your kid could die if  you give them cold medicine.

You kid could die if you don’t give them a flu shot.

You could die if you do get the flu shot.

Your kid could get shot and die if you send them to college.

Oh my goodness sakes.  I suppose I could die if I stabbed myself in the hand with a fork, or took too many aspirins, or the wrong kind of aspirin on the wrong day when the barometric pressure was just a bit low, and the stars were aligned just the wrong way…

I think I’d just like to live a bit wrecklessly, and not care so much about dying.

One thought on “Ways to Die

  1. Seven says:

    i know what you mean, i turned the news off at 9.00 this day.

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