We made it!

Hi all this is Caryn – subbing in for Michelle who does not have internet access.

Michelle and family made it to India and here are a couple of snippets from twitter to keep you updated:

Having some Chai after a swim. http://yfrog.com/11o71lj

Driving through chennai traffic Maddie just asked if there is a speed limit here http://yfrog.com/7gcw0dj

We just crashed into a mortorcycle. No problem. Everyones fine

Family had a weird night of sleep. All 3 girls were wide awake in the middle of the night, then fell back to sleep until 10:45 am

Belles comentary on India: "Mom, why is this world so different from ours?"

Off to visit St Thomas Mount, the " burial place" of Doubting Thomas. Legend says he was martyred in Chennai, India


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