Wegner Christmas Card 2011

Instead of sending out Christmas cards with a nice family letter, I usually do an end of the year recap post of highlights from the past 12 months. Thanks for following along and your encouraging and heartfelt comments along the way! I deeply appreciate it.

  • February I took some time to focus on writing about PAIN. Not fun, but necessary.
  • In March, Whitney got to play “Wicked Witch” in Shrek at her school.
  • I wrote a short blog post about the book Heaven is For Real. It continues to get more hits per day than any post I have ever written about anything ever.  It’s truly crazy and unexpected.

  • In May we celebrated my 38th Birthday.
  • Isabelle rode her bike without training wheels for the first time, marking the end of the “little kid” era in our household. A bittersweet moment for me.
  • Maddie was allowed to invite “a few friends” over for an end of the year school party. The “few” turned into about 40. It was crazy, but lots of fun. Rob and I felt like the youth pastors we were for 10 years. Glad we had lots of practice with large groups of middle schoolers.

  • In June I took some neat photos of Belle during a lightning storm. iPhone photography has become a pretty central passion and focus of mine this year.
  • We sent Whitney off to her first year of middle-school camp. This was Maddie’s second year, but first time at Springhill camp.  She came home with a broken arm. Camp is all about making memories, right?

  • We spent part of July in Branson Missouri. It was hot. It was fun. We are glad we saw a new place. Whitney had been growing her hair out for months for Locks of Love and decided it was time to donate it to some precious soul.

  • In August, we enjoyed our last days of summer .
  • We went blueberry picking — I actually enjoyed some of those frozen blueberries today!
  • September brought some beautiful trees, so I took some more pics.
  • Our house filled up with large numbers of kids every day after school, making it pretty crazy, but lots of fun
  • Maddie turned 13 in October. We spent a very special weekend away in Chicago together.
  • The girls got amazing reports from their teachers.
  •  And probably one of the most sad things that the girls have ever experienced–our buddy and 14 year old dog Winston died.
  • In November I finished reading my 100th book of the year.
  • In December, my Grandma Blom went home to be with Jesus and the rest of her loved ones that have gone ahead of her. It was very sad, but a blessing to those who have watched her suffer for the past 14 years.
  • I posted my 16 favorite photos from 2011, and wrote about how I make the time to read in my busy schedule.
And finally, we had a wonderful last week of December celebrating Christmas, Belle’s 8th Birthday, and New Years Eve.  It’s been a busy and amazing year of growth and change for all of us.  Happy New Year everyone!

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